Audio tracks of the application allows the use of hidden resources of human body through the interval training and physical activity
Wellness walking is popular all over the world, with the UNIC application is becoming the most popular, effective and widely available tool for getting rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, stress relief and strengthening the body
Audio tracks of the application allows the use of hidden resources of human body through the interval training and physical activity
Wellness walking is popular all over the world, with the UNIC application is becoming the most popular, effective and widely available tool for getting rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, stress relief and strengthening the body
Problem and solution
Problem: Physical inactivity and constant stress are the main destructive factors for the psycho-physical health of a modern person, especially given the Covid-19 situation.
Solution: The UNIC application was created on the basis of many years of practical experience in recovery and enhancing the energy and physical capabilities of a person. Audio tracks of the application allows the use of hidden resources of human body through the interval physical activity (walking/running)
The interval training method activates mitochondria, which are the central regulators of cellular metabolism, best known for their role in energy production. Mitochondrial fitness is closely related to cardiorespiratory fitness and physical activity.
The system of distributed attention, " the lower abdomen " breathing and movement as animal avatars is based on the ancient Indian tradition of Tattva-Jyan and many years of practical experience.
The audio tracks with specially selected pieces of music has a noticeable physiological effect on many biological processes.
Music reduces the effects of fatigue, changes the pulse and evens out breathing, pressure, plus it has a psychogalvanic effect (1 - study "The Effect of Music on the Human Body and Mind" by Don Kent (Dawn Kent), 2006, Harvard.

Energy (in the international terminology Total Power) – the indicator of complex physiological state of an individual and the body readiness to physical, intellectual and emotional overload
Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy / Unic - Gain Energy /
Fatigue decreases and activity increases
Creates motivation in fitness and sports
Your results grow faster and easier
Your life cases are solving: in business, sports, self-development
Helps to overcome your "ceiling of possibilities"
A high level of energy increases your attractiveness
Resource Running

With Unic Team

Every year before summer, people, as always, are divided into two groups: some are trying to force themselves to get into shape, others just want to. As a result, the first ones suffer on the treadmill, the others - on the couch, Instead of getting energy and pleasure from running or walking. Yes, it is possible.

A year ago we released the first version of the Unic app and the Hooligan started running. At that time, his weight was close to 100 kg and he looked like the brutal Winnie the Pooh from the joke. And from such a start in just a year he successfully finished the Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Lanzarote, the Olimpusman in Troodos in Cyprus, plus a bunch of all sorts of small races that I have already stopped counting. Recently, the Hooligan ran the 42 km marathon in Limassol in a bathrobe and rubber slippers. Well, because it's easy.

And all this time I heard the same, boring statement : "Well, Hooligan is already healthy, he would run without the application..." Well yes, he is healthy, but at the same time, he has never been a track and field athlete, and he has not run without the application (that's how you are now). However it did not convinced the skeptics.

Therefore, at a certain stage, Dimon the Boar also started running with the application. He still likes to eat with taste. That does not stop him from running 10-15 km day just to enjoy. And his wife began to call him Apollon. The whole journey from The Boar to Apollon took literally a couple of months.
And when Luda- an absolutely office young lady who most probably ran last time at school - finished her first half marathon, after two months of preparation, easily and with pleasure, all doubts have disappeared: the Unic application works. Regardless of your initial physical condition, even a couch potato will run with Unic, unless he has legs.

For those who don't know: the Unic application allows you to enter a resource state, that is, to gain energy where others get tired. In particular, when walking or running. To do so,a complex system is used, including special music and sound signals, images of animals, work with attention and breathing. The collection, processing and practical testing of this knowledge was carried out by three generations of people who devoted their lives to the study and development of human energy and physical capabilities.

And a year ago, we managed to pack this knowledge into a simple and publicly available application: put on the headphones and just run or walk, following simple instructions of the audio trainer. Just this simple step allows you not to get tired and has a very positive effect on all areas of life. For those who are willing and able to progress, there is also an in-depth training, but this is a separate story. In general, it's easier to try than to explain.
The Unic team, led by a Hooligan, gathers on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.00 in Paphos near the castle in the port
and on Wednesday at the same time — at the Malindi restaurant in Limassol
Beginners start with a simple walk and gradually switch to resource running. A month of preparation for the Cyprus Trial Race with Hooligan costs only €50 (including the advanced version of the application). Plus €3 - subscription fee for the application. You can download it on the uniс.global website and send request for participation in the Unic team trail Rub to rreal.club@gmail.com.
11 of March
Thank you. We are fine. The eldest son arrived from Kharkov on 8th of March. We have water, gas and electricity in the city. Everyone around was beaten off and they left. Siren is only two times per day. I do not miss out run&walks. First time, after I turned on the program, siren immediately started, my attention defocused. I was doing my run&walks at two o'clock PM, after job, this is not comfortable for me. Today, already second day, I wake up at 5 o'clock AM without alarm. I do run&walk during sunrise. Yesterday, after my run&walk I was all day like an "energizer".
If interested, I can share my story of acquaintance with the club, maybe it will be useful to someone:
I returned after celebration of the last New Year from Bukovel, at work - fire (I am engaged in industrial refrigeration equipment) boxing trainings, life is seething. At some period, I began to burn out after another work trip, went to training, where I successfully dislocated my shoulder and, in addition, fell sick with Covid, and what is also important - at work also everything became sad. During this period, I came across your site, at first, to be honest, I didn't take it seriously, but some thoughts in the author's texts made me think. I started run&walks, I won't say that there was a result right away, for some time I was doing run&walks , then I scored, and then I started again. At this time, at work, in other areas, I was on the verge of a complete asshole, but the circumstances were such that when it was almost kick-ass, life threw up a small carrot. This period lasted for several months. Then it somehow happened by itself that I got to a meeting of a business club. Although at that time I was not interested in it, I somehow intuitively decided to go. I had to go through an interview and pay some money. As a result, I came to a meeting where there were about 10 people from the Forbes Ukraine list and the rest of the people - business owners from small to large. I tried to spend most of the time at meetings in defocused attention. This was the turning point. Since then, there have been significant improvements in business. I continued to do run&walks and somehow intuitively began to understand and feel that it works. In business, too, everything began to go steadily up. Regarding intuition: shortly before the kick-ass, which is now taking place, I held several meetings, and although the meetings went off with a bang, my intuition suggested that something was wrong. On February 24, I planned several meetings in another region, but in a few days I intuitively felt that they would not take place. And on 23 we postponed them. We can say that we were lucky because this area turned out to be one of the hottest. Even in the new realities, I decided to continue walking, because there is a bit more free time, but it turned out to be not so easy...
Yeah. I turned on the training.
Wish you successful gaining energy trip.
Thank you. The trip was successful. In Mongoose I have total feeling of light inside and outside, in Bear – diamond.
Good evening, Ukraine - Dnipro is in touch. Usually I do a heron-heron run&walk, plus up to a frog, or a lotus-lotus before work or on a walk with the dog, now in connection with the fucking that is happening with us, the attention constantly jumps and it is very difficult to walk normally, only by the middle of the circle I manage more or less defocus attention. Suggest me, please, what can I try to turn off the attention.
1 of March

Yeah. Awesome. Support in difficult times, I also now only rely on the Unic, it clears from all that's harsh.
The quality of my life improved after I started walking. Somehow I became calmer and my memory certainly became better. Most importantly, my fears left me. I had different ones, as I understand now, all fears are illusions. I even fought them. And now the fears are somehow gone. Everything turned out to be very simple. No need to work painfully to be best version of yourself, just walk in the morning listening music in the App.
This whole topic energy accumulating and interaction with it is good to teach at school and high school.
Thanks a lot for the app! And I can't describe how I have changed since I started walking, breathing and trying to defocus my attention on different images. I am the most devoted apologist for your energy boosting system.
Thank you so much for my new life.
Hello, I wanted to express my gratitude. For a month and a half I have been walking in the evenings, and I have got a lot of changes already. Starting from well-being and ending impovement in my business.
Without exaggeration, life was divided before and after for the better. I started noticing so much things around, especially how people are addicted to patterns and habits of impulsive behavior.
I wanted to say a huge thank you. I feel as I am part of the universe. I have been meditating for four years, I have reached different states of minf, but this is something special.
First of all, I want you to know I really appreciate all you do. My life, all its aspects have changed a lot during the time that I have been walking with this Unique application. I live my normal life, just the best version of it, and I'm starting to get used to the new quality of my life. A huge, deep, sincere thanks!
Download the App. Watch the video tutorial or read the brief description in the Library
Choose a program that corresponds to the current life task. For example, "Strengthening" for chronic fatigue or "Development" if you need to reach a new level. There are also specialized programs, such as "Male Power", "Youth", "Management", etc
Start the program and just walk / run, following the instructions of the audio trainer and listening to a specially selected audio sequence. This alone gives a clear increase in tone - after walking / running 5-6 kilometers, a person does not get tired
In the process of walking / jogging, we gradually master the control of attention to breathing and the figurative system. This improves the quality of the results
The subscription coast is €3 per month
Download the app to gain the energy necessary for life in sports or walking just from 30 minutes a day
The App is regularly updated
+357 95 90 38 06
Audio tracks of the application allows the use of hidden resources of human body through the interval training and physical activity