Unic Gang — Run to Meditate
Here in Cyprus, on May 1, started the Cyprus Trial Race - 6.7 km in the mountains near Platres. The Unique Gang, coaching by Hooligan, brilliantly held its first race in energy. Even the model who joined the gang was affected by the energy. In the final, the Unic Gang energy group captured a cozy mountain restaurant. The next race will be with a quest — we will collect magic cards in the circle of wish fulfillment.
Unic team and Hooligan personally invite everyone - both those who are already running, and those who still only dream of getting up from the couch — to prepare together and start to run in a resource state.
The Unic team, led by a Hooligan, gathers on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8.00 in Paphos near the castle in the port
and on Wednesday at the same time — at the Malindi restaurant in Limassol
Beginners start with a simple walk and gradually switch to resource running. A month of preparation for the Cyprus Trial Race with Hooligan costs only €50 (including the advanced version of the application). Plus €3 - subscription fee for the application. You can download it on the uniс.global website and send request for participation in the Unic team trail Rub to rreal.club@gmail.com.
+357 95 90 38 06
Audio tracks of the application allows the use of hidden resources of human body through the interval training and physical activity